Breach at Sabre Corp.’s Hospitality Unit

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Curacao ( According to KrebsonSecurity, “Breaches involving major players in the hospitality industry continue to pile up. Today, travel industry giant Sabre Corp. disclosed what could be a significant breach of payment and customer data tied to bookings processed through a reservations system that serves more than 32,000 hotels and other lodging establishments.”

According to their 10Q report Sabre stated “In addition, we, like most technology companies, are the target of cybercriminals who attempt to compromise our systems.  From time to time, we experience threats and intrusions that have to be identified and remediated to protect sensitive information along with our intellectual property and our overall business. To address these threats and intrusions, we have a team of experienced security experts and support from firms that specialize in data security and cybersecurity. We are periodically subject to these threats and intrusions, and sensitive or material information could be compromised as a result. The costs of any investigation of such incidents, as well as any remediation related to these incidents, may be material. We are investigating an incident involving unauthorized access to payment information contained in a subset of hotel reservations processed through the Sabre Hospitality Solutions SynXis Central Reservation system. The unauthorized access has been shut off, and there is no evidence of continued unauthorized activity at this time. We have retained expert third-party advisors to assist in the investigation and are working with law enforcement.  There is a risk that this investigation may reveal that PII, PCI, or other information may have been compromised. The costs of this investigation, as well as any other impacts or remediation related to this incident, may be material. As noted below, we maintain insurance that covers certain aspects of cyber risks, and we are working with our insurance carriers in this matter.

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