Young Turkish tourist and new father dies after fall from Bangkok balcony

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A tourist from Turkey, on vacation with his wife and baby, died after falling from the balcony of his fifth floor hotel room early this morning.

Kadir Kemal Ozan, 31, fell to his death wearing just his underwear from an unnamed hotel on Langsuan Road just before 1am.

His wife and their baby, also Turkish nationals, were on the scene. The wife was crying and hugging the body of her husband, reported Bangkok Post.

According to Pol. Col. Natthapol Lordongbang, Lumpini Police Deputy Investigation Chief, the family arrived in Thailand on Sunday.

The officer reported that the family went out on Monday night and the deceased man became drunk. He went out on the balcony after they returned to their room.

The Turkish woman heard a noise outside and went to check on her husband when she saw him fall. She screamed but it was too late for anyone to help.

The investigation is ongoing and the Turkish embassy has been informed.

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