British girl, 17, seriously injured in late-night fall from third floor balcony at Mallorca hotel

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A British girl is fighting for her life after falling from the third floor of her holiday hotel in Mallorca.

The 17-year-old girl was at the hotel in Santa Ponça when she fell from the balcony just before midnight and suffered serious injuries to her back.

Emergency services rushed to the popular resort, understood to be on the Carrer Huguet des Far on the south-west coast of Mallorca, in the early hours of Thursday morning before taking her to hospital.

The incident is a blow to Mallorca’s tourism industry with tourism chiefs recently launching a strategy to swap the island’s booze-filled party culture with a cleaner, safer image.

Part of the newly launched strategy is to try to prevent constant falls from hotel balconies with hotel owners encouraged to break up any parties or group drinking sessions throughout the night.

The island has been plagued by issues with tourist safety with the fall just one of six similar incidences this year alone.

Last summer, officials announced a plan to introduce fines of up to €3,000 (£2,182) for anyone caught being naked in the street.

The new rules came into effect in June 2015, and also included hefty fines for anyone urinating in public or ‘balconing,’ which refers to the act of drunkenly jumping from hotel balconies.

A British tourist was killed when she was crossed the road to reach a rural cottage she had rented with her partner earlier this year.

Patricia Crosby, 67, was fatally hit by a car driven by a Spanish teenager, in May.

A Scottish tourist was also killed on the island in March this year when he was hit by a truck on a busy road between Port D’alcudia and Alcudia.

The Civil Guard has now launched an investigation to find out what happened, including whether the young girl tripped or was involved in balconing, where people climb from one balcony to another.

The island attracts almost six million tourists a year, who make the pilgrimage to enjoy the Spanish sun and laidback lifestyle.

The island is also a mecca for tourists wanting to hike or cycle.

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