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McCaysville GA ( April 22,2015 – Every hotel or restaurant has check lists. These check lists come in many different forms but at the end of the day they have one goal. That goal is to ensure that your business is conforming to set standards and procedures.

In order to ensure that everything is being done, according to the plan, Managers perform audits of their areas to ensure compliance with the standards. Additionally hotels and restaurants have external personnel come in to perform audits. These can be either company personnel of external companies.

OpsMatrix is a tool designed by In-Touch Insight Systems, a technology company that has been providing auditing, customer feedback and mystery shopping services to brands across North America since 1978.

In-Touch Insight Systems built their own internal platform for performing the audits. Then some of their clients asked if they could use the same software. That’s when OpsMatrix was born. A software version of the In-Touch services, packaged so that everyone can use it as often as they like.

OpsMatrix was designed to enable positive organizational behaviors like collaboration, sharing, issue resolution and a focus on solutions.

Some of the features of the software are:

Mobile & Web

Complete your OpsMatrix checklists on any modern device, from your tablet, smart phone or desktop. Open OpsMatrix in your modern browser, log in, and begin your checks.

Work Offline

Store data on offline devices and resync and submit when you’re back online. OpsMatrix stores all collected data locally, so you can complete checks even with limited or no connectivity.

Add & Annotate Photos

Collect richer data with the ability to add and annotate photos to audits and checked items. All photos are attached with metadata describing when and where photos were taken. Field teams can also add notes to highlight specific items in photos.

Flag Issues for Follow Up

When issues are identified but can’t be fixed immediately, use OpsMatrix to flag issues that require follow up. Later view a list of all issues that require your attention, so you can manage accordingly.

View Locations Based on Proximity

OpsMatrix uses your GPS coordinates to show you the most relevant stores and locations, where you are. Avoid wasting time digging through location lists. Instead open OpsMatrix and view the closest location to you.

Collect Signatures

Add an additional level of accountability and verification in your auditing process with signature collection of auditors and auditees. Use the checklist builder to designate which of your checklists require signatures and by whom. View collected signatures and signees’ names on your audit reports.

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