Another Free Food Scam in an Airline Lounge

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July 3, 2014 ( Hospitality Business News reported back in January about Kwong Wah Yit Poh, a man in China, who bought a refundable first class ticket on Eastern China Airlines and then got one year of access to the VIP airline lounge and free meals without ever flying.

Well, at least one person must have read our great article as a German court has ruled that a traveler must pay Lufthansa 1,980 euros ($2,705), equal to about 55 euros per visit, for visiting the Lufthansa airline lounge but never actually flying anywhere.

According to the man purchased a one way business class ticket from Munich to Zurich, for 745 euros, and then proceeded to visit the Lufthansa lounge 35 different times.

The man used the flexibility of the one-way fare to Zurich to repeatedly reschedule his travel plans after gaining access to food and drink, Munich district court said in a statement. Lufthansa canceled the ticket after more than a year and refunded the price, only for the man to purchase a replacement.

The court ruled that access to the lounge was based on an assumption that the passenger would actually fly.

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