Man uses one first-class ticket to get free airline lounge meals for a year

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( So have you ever gone into a real first class lounge. No not the regular one with bad food and where you pay for drinks. Well. . . .

According to Malaysian Chinese newspaper Kwong Wah Yit Poh a man in China bought a refundable first class ticket on Eastern China Airlines and then got one year of access to the VIP lounge and free meals.

Don’t know if the guy ever drank or not.

On, almost, a daily basis the unidentified man went to the VIP lounge at the Xi’an airport and had his meal. In order to gain access he would show his first class ticket. Then when he had had his fill for the day he left, but instead of getting on a flight he changed his departure date to the next day or a few days later.

He kept doing this over and over. According to reports he did it over 300 time in a year.

Then when the airline started to investigate the man simply cancelled his ticket and he received a full refund.

The airline commented that their system cannot track anything like this

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