Hooters Chain used to bribe CIA

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“Improper gifts and gratuities paid to government officials are a corrupting influence on government contracts,” MacBride said. “Combating this type of conduct is a high priority in the Eastern District of Virginia.”

A Washington Post account of the case depicts CIA workers seemingly trying to live down any image of the agency as a funless place full of frowning men in dark suits and trenchcoats. On the contrary, the Post said. The employees who gave in to temptation enjoyed trips to Mexico and Myrtle Beach, S.C., fishing excursions, outings to football and baseball games, deer hunting and golf, courtesy of the eager companies.

The Hooters restaurant chain, renowned for comely servers as well as beer and cheeseburgers, was a favorite destination of the CIA project manager in charge of the programs at issue, code-named “Falcon” and “Buckeye,” the Post said.


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