Restaurant Lawsuits from the past week

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March 27, 2011 ( Here we go, our weekly round-up of legal claims from the restaurant industry.

Restaurant sued after allergic girl dies. School has class celebration and orders food from Chinese Restaurant. School claims that they told the restaurant not to include peanuts. Lab tests found “trace amounts” of peanuts in the meal.

Woman shot in butt while eating dinner sues. This is an everyday occurrence in Houston. Guy eating dinner. Gun in pocket falls to floor. Accidently goes off. Bullet hits woman in ass.

Lawsuit settled in case where McDonalds employee exposed himself

Chilis sued after needle pierces Woman’s tongue. Eating ribs and potatoes and she bit into a 2″ needle. Employee took the needle, gave it to the Manager and then he would not give it back to the woman.

Dunkin Donuts in Columbus Ohio sued for failure to pay rent. Broad and High Development (franchisee) owes $13K in back rent, $525K in future rent

Wolfgang Puck sued for firing “Old Man” – This is what happens when all of your staff are young and you have one really really old guy on staff. At age 52 the guy should have been put out  long ago. At least before 50 then he couldn’t claim age discrimination

Judge dismisses case against Pizza Hut. 19 members of Church Group sued after they got sick and had to go to the Hospital. Judge says that they couldn’t connect the dots.

Hot Dog law suit in New Jersey. Rutt’s Hut, a well known NJ restaurant that serves Hot Dogs is suing another restaurant over their name. Other restaurant was named Adams Bagel and Deli but decided, for a reason that is not known to anyone, to change their name to Mutt’s Hut. Although it is had to believe, the owner of Rutt’s Hut thinks that Mutt’s Hut is trying to steal their business.

Quote of the day.

“The customers are not idiots. They know how to read so they’re not going to confuse Rutt’s Hut between Mutt’s Hut,” Mutt’s Hut Owner Ahmed Mohamed told CBS 2′s Kristin Thorne.

New Zealand company sues Gordon Ramsey. Being sued for $2M. Company says he didn’t show up for charity event. Who knew Ramsay gets paid $100K per event.

 That’s it for the week.

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