>Shanghai’s first capsule hotel opens

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>Capsules in capsule hotelImage via Wikipedia

The first capsule hotel in Shanghai has been opened.

Already popular in Japan, the Xitai Capsule Hotel is the first in Shanghai, perhaps in response to soaring local real estate prices. Indeed it’s a surprise someone didn’t think of this space- and price-maximizing option before now.
Located on the north side of the Shanghai Railway Station, the 300-square-meter hotel — as reported by Shanghaiist — “consists of 68 ‘capsules,’ each 1.1m high and 2.2m long, equipped with its own lighting, pillows, bedding, alarm clock, power sockets, flat screen television and WiFi. Shower facilities are communal.”

All capsules are imported from Japan, where the concept of the capsule hotels was created, and divided into three snoring zones so those who snooze loudly will not disturb others.

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