>Waldorf-Astoria Bitten By THIRD Bedbug Lawsuit

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>Park Avenue (west) elevation of the Waldorf=As...Image via WikipediaThe Waldorf-Astoria has been hit with a third lawsuit by a guest who claims she was ravaged by bedbugs during a night at the tony hotel. Svetlana Tendler, a doctor who’s currently a stay-at-home mom, visited the Waldorf during a trip to NYC with her family in August 2007. That makes this the earliest known incident of bedbug biting at the hotel, and suggests the Waldorf has been struggling with an infestation for much longer than previously believed. (The other two lawsuits are the result of bedbug bites from 2010.) Tendler wants $10 million from the hotel to compensate her for what the bedbugs did to her, and says she needs plastic surgery!

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