California business owners claim ADA lawsuit is simply extortion

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MARYSVILLE, CA – Several local business owners are upset after three different lawsuits accused them of not being in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA).

But they’re not necessarily upset over the compliance issue – they’re more upset about what they call extortion.  George Louie, of West Sacramento, filed the lawsuits in Yolo County Court just before the turn of the New Year.  The lawsuits cite the Budget Inn Hotel and Gary’s Place Bar & Grill in Marysville as two businesses without handicapped parking. Budget Inn owner Hasmukl Patel immediately added a handicapped space to his parking lot, then called Louie.

“He said that was not all, he said ‘You’re going to have to pay something’. I said, ‘How much’ and he said ‘I’ll give you the holiday special for $5,000,'” according to Patel.

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