McDonald's Japan sales in 2010 hit record high for 5th year

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TOKYO — Sales at McDonald’s Holdings Co (Japan) Ltd’s own and franchise stores climbed to an all-time high in 2010 for the fifth consecutive year, rising 2% from a year earlier to 542.7 billion yen, according to a preliminary report released by the company Wednesday. Business was strong partly because of brisk sales of the Big America brand of hamburgers introduced in January, McDonald’s said.

But the company’s President Eiko Harada warned that the restaurant industry is facing hard times ahead, the severity of which is ‘‘unforeseeable,’’ when discussing the business outlook for this year at a press conference.

In December, sales on a same-store basis jumped 11.6% from a year earlier and the number of customers leapt 8.9% while spending per customer grew 2.5%.

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