Heston Blumenthal, Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver take on the villains of the fishing world

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In an Islington studio on one of the coldest nights of December, three of Britain’s most successful chefs have spent several hours lying face up in a giant sardine tin for a Channel 4 publicity shot.
So when Live arrives and asks them to do another shoot – this time wearing freshly deceased fish as neckties – there are some nervous looks among their agents. Jamie Oliver agrees, so long as the tie is sustainable. He’s not joking. A fresh mackerel is procured.
Gordon Ramsay grumbles that we’re making him late for his ‘day job’ at the recently reopened Savoy hotel. But during the shoot he tells a story that has the entire room hanging on his every word. His contribution to Channel 4’s Big Fish Fight series saw him investigating the illegal trade in shark fins, which led to a confrontation with heavily armed Costa Rican gangsters…
‘It’s a multibillion-dollar industry, completely unregulated,’ he’s saying.

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