>Kathmandu Govt still seeking Rs 193 million from five casinos

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>KATHMANDU: The government still has to recover Rs 193.59 million from five casinos.

Finance minister Surendra Pandey at the Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) today informed that the government still has to recover revenue from Casino Anna‚ Casino Royal‚ Casino Shangrilla‚ Casino Nepal and Casino Fulbari.

“The government has been able to recover Rs 77.36 million from the casinos recently‚” Pandey informed‚ adding that the government is in the process to recover the remaining sum.

“If the casnos don’t pay‚ the hotels are laible to pay tax as the casino license is issued to the hotels only‚” he added.

Nepal’s casino industry is considered the oldest in South Asia but lately it has been in news for all the wrong reasons like tax evasion and entertaining Nepalis.

When Casino Nepal — the first casino in Asia — was started in 1968‚ it was open only to foreigners but the casinos lately are blamed of entertaining the Nepalis against the law.

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