>Jerome (Arizona) Grand Hotel Files $8 Million Lawsuit Against the Town

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>The quaint historic mining town that’s a popular tourist destination with Phoenicians has been nailed with an $8 million-plus lawsuit.

Brought upon by the Jerome Grand Hotel, the legal action is in response to the town government’s decision to revoke the historic lodging spot’s certificate of occupancy due to the hotel‘s “unsafe” conditions, according to the town manager’s official press release.

As of the time this post was published, a court date had not been set.

During inspections performed in the summer, Jerome’s fire chief Rusty Blair and chief building official David R. Steiver found that alterations within the building had taken place without the proper permitting and that the hotel didn’t contain sufficient fire and emergency exits. The release, dated December 8, states that the Grand Hotel’s owners “have been unwilling to meet those requirements, thus resulting in complete closure of the hotel.”

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