>CCTV cameras to monitor Nassau streets next year

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>Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...Image via WikipediaAN INTEGRATED network of CCTV cameras will start to monitor the streets of Nassau next year in the first wave of a new initiative to assist police in the fight against crime.
Plans formulated by the National CCTV Steering Committee with guidance from American consultants Hudson Sterling LLC are expected to be implemented in six to nine months time as 85 cameras across New Providence are linked by a national control centre.
The network funded and operated by a public-private partnership effort has been spearheaded by the committee formed two years ago by the Ministry of National Security.
And once the first phase has been launched in Nassau next year, it is expected to roll out across the country as it expands technologically and geographically to cover Grand Bahama and the Family Islands in future.

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