>Red Robin Forms Committee to Replace CEO

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>Restaurant chain Red Robin Gourmet Burgers (RRGB: 23.17, 0.98, 4.42%) announced plans Friday to form a committee that will find a new CEO to replace chief executive Dennis Mullen.

The company has seen sales drop by more than 11% in the last year, and said in its filing with the SEC that it will look to find a new CEO by December 31. Mullen’s contract with the company runs through 2012, so it is unclear whether or not he would be replaced before that expiration.

Pattye Moore, chair of Red Robin’s board, said the committee has been formed to aid the board of directors in its overall succession planning.

“This has been an ongoing process and Dennis Mullen is under contract through December 2012, so we look forward to a seamless transition when we find a great candidate,” Moore said in a company statement.

The search to replace 66-year-old Mullen will involve the appointment of three new board members including Robert Aiken, former CEO of U.S. Foodservice, Lloyd Hill, former CEO of Applebee’s and Stuart Oran, former board member at Wendy’s

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